Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions April 2024
1. Company information (hereafter ‘Selling Company’)
L H /v Lars Hansen
Ellebaekvej 12
5853 Oerbaek
CVR: DK32751490
2. Price and payment
The price for one Everfox unit is € 5222 + VAT, packing and tax (VAT and/or tax is not in all
When a customer place an order, the Selling company will prepare and sent a proforma
invoice with the amount of €5222 + VAT, packing and tax to the email address informed by
the customer. This proforma invoice shall be paid within 8 days.
All invoices are sent by email.
To be able to sell Everfox without Danish VAT (+25%) the customer will have to provide the
selling company with their VAT no.
3. Ordering
When the customer would like to order Everfoxl, the customer will have to sent an email to
the email address of the Selling company. The email must contain the following information:
– What the customer would like to order.
– The number of units.
– The contact information of the customers company/union:
● Name
● Street name
● Street no.
● Zip code
● City name
● Country
● VAT no.
● Telephone no.
● E-mail address
When the selling company receives the above information, the Selling company will prepare
an email for the customer. Attached to the email the customer will find these terms and
conditions and a proforma invoice. When the customer have read, understood and accepted
the terms and conditions, the customer must confirm this by a reply to the email from the
selling company.
When the customer have confirmed the terms and conditions and the selling company have
received the payment on our account, the customer will get an order confirmation.
4. Delivery
Delivery time for one Everfox unit is 8-10 weeks + shipping. The 8-10 weeks starts when the
selling company have sent the order confirmation.
Everfox should always be shipped as fragile goods on a ½ pallet.
When Everfox is ready for shipment the customer will receive an email. The mail will contain
following information:
● the size and weight of the pallet
● the address where it should be picked up.
Now the customer must arrange the transport of the goods and inform the selling company,
when the shipping company will make the pick up.
The pickup must be arranged Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 3.00 pm.
5. Cancellation and incoterms
If the customer cancel the order within the first 14 days after the customer has received the
order confirmation, the customer will get back the full amount of the proforma invoice.
If the customer cancel the order more than 14 days after receiving the order confirmation the
customer will get back € 2,685 of the amount paid on the proforma invoice.
After Everfox is handed over to the shipping company, chosen by customer, it is not possible
to cancel the order.
Incoterms: EXW – EX Works.
Meaning the customer will have the full responsibility for the Everfox unit, when it is handed
over to the shipping company.
6. Failures and shortcomings.
After the customer has received the goods, it is the customers responsibility to make sure
nothing is broken or missing. The customer has 24 hours from receipting the goods, to
inform the selling company what is broken or missing. This must be done by email.
7. Returning goods.
Before the customer can return goods, the customer must give the selling company the
following informations by email:
– What the customer would like to return.
– Why the customer would like to return it.
When the selling company has accepted the return by email, the customer can return the
All expenses related to the return, is paid by the customer.
Remember Everfox must always be shipped as fragile goods on a ½ pallet.
8. Emails and other electrical documentation – GDPR
All emails and other electronic documentation are stored for 2 years. Some kind of
documentation the selling company is obliged to keep for 5 years due to local legislation.
If the customer would like to know what information the selling company has related to the
customer, the customer should write an email to the selling company.
9. Disputes
If something is not as the customer expected it to be, write the selling company an email.
The selling company will try to find the best solution for both parties.
If the parties don’t find a solution you must contact ODR in Europe. (Online dispute
10. Contact
Customers are always allowed to contact the selling company – see address and other
contact information above.
11. Service
The selling company offers one free service, one year after the delivery date.
What the customer will get for free is:
– Review of all mechanical parts
– Adjustment if necessary.
– Software update if necessary.
If something is broken due to wrong use, the customer shall pay for the new parts. Nothing is
done before the customer has been informed and have confirmed the repair and the cost.
The customer must pay for the shipping back and forth.
The selling company highly recommend one service per year.
12. Repair/warranty
If Everfox is defective the customer must contact the selling company by email and tell what
has happened and write the serial no. of the unit.
The selling company will cover the repair due to manufacturing defects within the first year
from delivery date, if the customer has followed all the instructions in the Everfox manual.
The customer must pay for the shipping back and forth.
The selling company does not cover the repair if:
– The defect has occurred due to transportation, improper use, operating failure, faulty
maintenance, connection of incorrect power source.
– Everfox is defective due to fire, accident, lightning, defects in the power source,
defects in fuses.
– Everfox is defective occurred after repair performed by unauthorized Everfox
The selling company is always allowed to change the terms and conditions without accept
from customer. The customer will always find the terms and conditions on this website:
15. Law
Above company is a Danish company and will always follow Danish legislation.

Everfox kontakt oplysninger : dkeverfox@gmail.com : Lars Hansen, tlf: +45 4085 2897